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Hardware Thread, Do i really need a san? in Technical; You can get a HP MSA SAN for 2/3k (I know with no HDD!) I think in the long run ...
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    You can get a HP MSA SAN for 2/3k (I know with no HDD!) I think in the long run you save money

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    As posted elsewhere, the imminent HDD shortages are likely to have a dire impact on the cost and availability of SAN/NAS and DAS products.
    One vendor has removed all promotions and special offers (NDA prevents naming them) and some have stopped supplies to distribution completely whilst they review the current crisis.

    There is no doubt in my mind that shared storage is a much better use of cash than creating islands of storage scattered amongst servers than cant be utilised easily but I guess thats where Hyper-V 3.0 is hoping to clean up allowing all sorts of jiggery pokery with low cost storage.

    Everybody that spent a fortune on SANs last year are likely to be sick as a parrot once we see we can clone a DC VM in realtime over an SMB slot, along with those that spent a technicians salary on a VMWare license when they will probably be able to do most of what they wanted for free with Hyper-V 3.0

    We are all victims of circumstance and progress, but Im glad we stuck with Hyper-V and low cost iSCSI storage appliances, as for dual controllers and full redundancy I prefer to focus on recoverability and saving a fortune myself. Leave that technology to those that can afford it like bankers...

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