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Hardware Thread, Parts for new pc in Technical; Hi I am looking to build - bit by bit when money allows- a new pc - main use will ...
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    Parts for new pc


    I am looking to build - bit by bit when money allows- a new pc - main use will be video editing/converting/playing of hd with little or no game play.

    Already decided on a Fractal R3 case and ssd for os (win7 64bit) and programs but was wondering which cpu/mobo/gpu would be best for what I want to do with it.
    Looking to spend cpu - 120 / mobo - 80 / gpu - 60 ish - is this enough?

    thanks any views welcomed

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    I would say your most important thing for video editing would be the gpu and loads of memory. I think your estimates on price are fairly accurate though and you should be able to go for a 1 Gb Raedon HD card or something similar with a decent AMD Phenom or something.

    My preference would be about 6 or 8 gig memory for video editing.

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    AMD Phenom 2 x6 (1055T) with Asus M4A89GTD pro and a Radeon HD6670 1Gb GDDR5 - would be a very good setup - get some decent RAM in there and you're ready to roll.


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    CPU - Intel i5 2500k (or i7 2500k if you are heavily into gaming and video editing). If you don't want to spend this much go for an AMD Phenom Black edition CPU

    Mobo - Any mobo around 80-100 will do just make sure it supports whatever processor you go for

    GPU - ATI cards are cheaper and I think generally better for gaming, not sure if it's the same for video editing. 60-80 will get you a reasonally good card.

    Memory - 8gb+ from Corsair, G-SKill, Crucial etc. Memory is dirt cheap at the moment so I would buy a lot of it! 8gb is now around 40 and around a year ago I got 16gb for 140!

    PSU - If your case comes with a CPU make sure it isn't a trashy value brand one. If it is value brand buy a new one from Corsair, Antec, Coolmaster etc. Around 50 will get you a decent one.

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