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Hardware Thread, Rugged laptops in Technical; Hi All I am looking for your suggestions and experiences on Rugged laptops, I have read the posts about the ...
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    Rugged laptops

    Hi All
    I am looking for your suggestions and experiences on Rugged laptops, I have read the posts about the rm one mobile on this site and it sounds good but I am a bit concerned about the number of mentions about keys/keyboards.
    Any other suggestions anyone? main thing is that these will be deployed to kids who have been taken out of the classoom or are under a sort of internal exclusion - so the laptops may well get bashed about a bit. picking off keys is a particular problem in general so any suggestions welcome.

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    What sort of budget? Rugged = Toughbook, but you pay for that sort of strength! Lenovo Thinkpads are also pretty good - the key design on some does not allow the keys to be prised off easily, and they're well made, quality laptops. Easily available second hand too eg http://www.ict-direct.co.uk/laptops?...category_id=11

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