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Hardware Thread, Calibrating Promethean board in Technical; Just had a new promethean board installed and having a random problem calibrating. You click on calibrate (board's in a ...
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    Calibrating Promethean board

    Just had a new promethean board installed and having a random problem calibrating. You click on calibrate (board's in a mobile, so needs calibrating daily!!) up pops the calibrate screen, but as soon as you move the pen to the board it goes back to the desktop. It will do this over and over again and just occasionally it will work. The board came with two pens, so i tried it with the other one, worked perfectly, tried calibrating with the first pen again, crashes to desktop. Dodgy pen i thought, so took the pen away, leaving the one that had calibrated perfectly. Next morning however, the other pen fails to calibrate, frustated teacher tells me it took 45 attempts before it would calibrate (she counted supposedly) Anyway, i wander back, latest version of the software, board firmware is the latest. Netbook was given a clean image of XP over summer, all the cables were tight, but unplugged everything and put it back, no difference. Refused to calibrate, anyway, went away and got the other pen (the one that wouldn't work the day before) Worked perfectly today????????? It seems whichever pen you use first it won't calibrate with, but will with the other one. Random, any suggestions anyone?

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    Speak to promethean support - I find them very helpful

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