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Hardware Thread, New changes in the ZFSSA Oracle 7000 family in Technical; Today, there was a very dramatic price change on the entire 7000 family. List prices on our ZFSSA hardware are ...
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    New changes in the ZFSSA Oracle 7000 family

    Today, there was a very dramatic price change on the entire 7000 family. List prices on our ZFSSA hardware are now around 50% lower as of 13th September 2011. This price change will really benefit those clients who are looking at any model 7x20, as well as those who already own one and are looking to expand and add some Readzillas, Logzillas, RAM, or disk trays to their systems.

    Those of you who have a valid 7000 series system already are grandfathered in for all of your current software licensing just as you always had. Going forward as of September 13th, however, we are getting much lower base prices on the systems partly due to being able to price separately two current features and one new software feature.

    The new one is HCC (Hybrid Columnar Compression). This is very exciting, as until now the only hardware on the planet that you could use this Oracle 11gR2 feature with was Exadata. Now Exadata is great, but might be far too large and powerful for some people who just need a place to store a small to medium sized data warehouse. The HCC feature in it however was something many people wanted in order to have fantastic compression and greater performance of their Oracle DB. Now you can do it using the ZFSSA behind your database server without using an Exadata. This is an add-on license, and certainly is only needed by a small set of ZFSSA users.

    The two current software features that are now add-on line items are Remote Replication and Clones. It was found that these features were not being used by a majority of our clients, so they put them into the ‘software license’ bucket, bringing the base prices down even further.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking and believe me, I thought the same thing. The ZFSSA has always been about no extra software licenses, ever. I was upset about this, but held my tongue until today so I could see the results of a quote with all the licenses added back in. It turns out that with the new prices, even if you add all three licenses, it's still far less than the old price from yesterday! If you don’t need HCC or replication, it’s even less. It’s really a win-win.

    A few things to remember:
    1. These licenses are a one-time thing per controller. Not per TB. So it doesn’t matter if you add more storage later, you still never pay more licenses.
    2. If you had a system, or a valid quote for a system, before September 13th, you are ‘grandfathered’ into the license structure and get all of your software licenses at no additional costs (Except HCC which is new). Only new quotes going forward will need the Replication or Clone or HCC line items, per controller.

    All in all, this is very good news, and I have already re-created four quotes for four of my local customers, and every one of them is dramatically less than before. So enjoy, and go get some new drive trays. The 300GB and 600GB 15K speed drives are out, also at reduced prices. Be sure to understand that they need to be in different pools from the 7,200 speed drives!

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    As much as I hate any licensing costs (*cough*NetApp*cough*) I actually can see the logic here...

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