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    Quick buy now! - does anyone do this?

    Hi all,

    Over the past few days I've had a few emails from various suppliers about discounts they have on various servers/notebooks/ect and I was wondering if anyone out there either in Education or the Bis world had ever actually taken part in one of these offers?

    Not that we are looking for kit but I would find it very hard to find a need for a new server and I would guess even those in need of a new server would be looking at their own ideas and not paying attention to such emails?

    The one and one only time when I personally used one of these offers was when the £100 cash back on the Micro servers came out but then again thatís only a price of £200 half of which you get back - certainly not a £3k server!

    So anyone any insights?

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    We once had a member of staff purchase two laptops from a company because they were on special. However, I could have bought two laptops for the same price from saveonlaptops.co.uk which had more memory and dedicated graphics. I was annoyed but there wasn't anything I could do due to the way we are organized.

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    I got well and truly told off for missing one of these "Amazing Savings" offers just the other week by senior management.

    When I managed to get a word in I pointed out that for £200 per unit less, and a better spec, I had been trying to get them to order new PCs from Dell for the last month.

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