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Hardware Thread, Dead machine in Technical; Probably simple answer to this Computer has just died - RIP. Will need to get a new system but want ...
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    Question Dead machine

    Probably simple answer to this
    Computer has just died - RIP.
    Will need to get a new system but want to recover some info from hardisk. Where can I get a connector (or what type) for the internal hardisk if I remove it . Are there usb connectors available?

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    when the new machine arrives, plug the old drive it into that as a slave and copy all the information you need to your new drive.

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    It depends on the hard drive you have but you can pick up a dock with both IDE and Sata connections that connect via usb to the new computer.

    Heres an example on misco theres quite a few others out there too.

    StarTech Hard Drive Dock for SATA & IDE Drives

    I have got a hard drive dock at work for purposes like this or anything else.

    Hope that helps

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