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Hardware Thread, Epson EMP S4 Yellow/Brown Stain in Technical; Hi there, We have a problem with an Epson EMP S4 projector. As you can see from the thread title ...
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    Epson EMP S4 Yellow/Brown Stain

    Hi there,

    We have a problem with an Epson EMP S4 projector. As you can see from the thread title the projected image has a rather worrying yellow/brown stain. It started small and got bigger, and has pretty much rendered the projector useless. When i turn it on, the Epson logo displays fine but as soon as the plain blue screen appears so does the stain. A little online research suggests that we have either a bad blue polarising plate or lcd panel. Does this sound about right, and would a photograph help with your diagnosis?

    Many thanks

    Dyce Academy

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    It certainly sounds like it. I had the same problem with a number of elderly Phillips projectors, it was cheaper to replace the projector than repair. With ours it started as a small patch in the centre of the screen and gradually got larger, until the image became just about useless.

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