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Hardware Thread, RAID level for QNAP at home? in Technical; I have bought a QNAP TS-412 for home but I cant decide what RAID level to use. It will be ...
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    RAID level for QNAP at home?

    I have bought a QNAP TS-412 for home but I cant decide what RAID level to use. It will be used for all my archiving and large files as well as my virtual set up for what ever I have going at the time. The virtual set up will not be taxing though.
    I wanted redundancy and I was willing to have a hot spare so here were my thoughts:
    Originally I thought RAID 5 1 hot spare which would give me 2 disks worth of space.
    Then I though hmm why not play it safer and use RAID 6 and sacrifice a little performance for more redundancy and still have the same amount of space.
    Then I thought RAID 10 ..... If I am correct I will still get 2 disks worth of space with RAID 10? The only thing that puts me off this is from what I read about my QNAP, it might not be a true 4 channel board, instead it maybe 2 with some kind of splitting going on.


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    RAID6 it.


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