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Hardware Thread, HP2600 Laser says calibrating in Technical; I've well and truely had my comeuppance this week I've just taken over a school (the one my daughters went ...
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    HP2600 Laser says calibrating

    I've well and truely had my comeuppance this week

    I've just taken over a school (the one my daughters went to years ago) and its got a W2k3 server and individual pupil/teacher logons and locked desktops and all of this installed by a company 12 months ago with no support and worse still - a colour laser

    (Maybe I'll wake up and find I'm just having my worst nightmare )

    Anyway -1st problem is that the laser flashes and a msg saying "calibrating" appears on the front panel LCD- leaving for 5 mins - nothing happens - pressing big X button seems to temp reset it for about 5 secs and then it does it again - doing this 3 times (and employing my usual fault finding technique of sacrificing a small goat) and it goes back to normal. :!:

    Happened twice yesterday while I was there

    Is this a common problem or is it just the curse of colour lasers following me around again - I HATE THEM!!!!



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    Re: HP2600 Laser says calibrating

    We've got a shed-load (thats not where we keep them tho) of the 2600's. Not got any major problems with them, except one keeps thinking the toner isnt HP original but thats not too bad. They're quite decent printer in our experience. Although they do get through toners like nobodys business. Although i suspect that is down to being abused, which is a whole other matter that is being monitored seperately.

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    Re: HP2600 Laser says calibrating

    I have to admit that I haven't encounted this before (I have a 2605dn at one of my schools) but have a look at this from the HP support website it may well be of some use.

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    Re: HP2600 Laser says calibrating

    I have 2 of these printer and occassionally they do this, but then are OK.

    Usually happens when you put in new cartridges or if someone sends a large print job to it.

    Try sending 20 or so blank pages to it, as this usually forces it to calibrate.

    Also go to the HP site and make sure that you have updated the firmware as if you haven't not only will it keep calibrating but you'll get ghosting when it prints as well.

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