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Hardware Thread, Office MFP - what to buy? in Technical; I have been tasked with replacing our ageing office mono copier with a new one, it doesn't have to be ...
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    Office MFP - what to buy?

    I have been tasked with replacing our ageing office mono copier with a new one, it doesn't have to be a MFP but it seems copiers aren't just copiers anymore.

    We have a colour lazerjet in the office already so mono would be fine, but obviously if colour MFP is cheap enough we will go with that.

    It needs to be fairly fast at copying mono and quiet/silent when not in use. It's not likely to be used often for value for money is the key. There will only be 3 office staff using it.

    What are you using in your offices?


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    a continuous ink solution ??

    if you are looking for a MFD that is amazingly cheap to run, you could buy one made by Brother, and get a CISS solution for it, there is amazing value to be had if you can tolerate the slower print speeds.

    i use cityinkexpress, and have found them very helpful.

    i am currently looking at dcp -j125 for classrooms.

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    I have a Ricoh MP4000 in place as the main copier. Can be networked etc but is just a mono machine. I also have an Olivetti (essentially rebadged Konica Minolta) MF250 and MF380 which are colour MFPs. The only thing I would suggest if you get a colour machine is that they do still cost more to run, obviously, so lock down the colour usage or at least don't make it the default option.

    If you don't actually need colour then you're always going to get better speeds from a mono printer unless you want to spend A LOT of money. All mine are on a print lease contract so I couldn't tell you prices of the machines individually.

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