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Hardware Thread, Graphics Tablet in Technical; We're looking to buy about 20 Graphics tablets for our DiDA graphics groups. Some students are using them at the ...
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    Graphics Tablet

    We're looking to buy about 20 Graphics tablets for our DiDA graphics groups. Some students are using them at the moment, but they're having to bring them and their own laptops in because we don't have drivers installed. To make this easier, we figured getting some would be nice.

    Now, I know nothing about graphics tablets. I assume they have a driver which needs installing and then work like a mouse, so they are compatible with most graphics software. We use Serif DrawPlus for DiDA, but also have Fireworks and Photoshop is need be.

    Could someone point me in the direction of a decent, but not too complicated tablet. Our head of ICT suggested that she'd like something A4 sized, but I'd like to propose a decent, but good value A5 sized tablet as well.

    Does anyone use graphics tablets? What would you recommend?

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    The Genius tablets are fine - I use one here for all my design work... Genius G-PEN F610 or F509. Works fine with Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32bit and 64bit). No issues with Adobe and Corel software. Not tried it in Serif but as it works just as a mouse I can't see there being any issues there.

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    I use a Wacom here it's the smallest one they do but I don't find that important [SUPPRESS] (snigger) [/SUPPRESS]

    I have used tablets for years (I used to promote Wacom) and they are fantastic for art and especially good for photo retouching.

    The only real advantage to a larger tablet is if you want to trace paper based artwork into the computer...TBH I get round this by scanning the artwork in and then tracing it on screen.

    [EDIT] The Wacom tablets seem to work without adding drivers...[/EDIT]

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    Windows 7 has much better support for tablets, might not need drivers. In terms of quality and cost, there's Wacom, and there's everyone else. Wacom don't need batteries for the pens.

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