I thought about putting this in the internet section but then thought its a piece of hardware, so excuse me if its in the wrong area.

We currently have a Cisco 2600xm router which has been working fine for ages but now the time has come for it to be replaced but with what i do not know. We currently have 2 ADSL PPPoA load balanced lines coming into school which are about 8mb each. The current router will only handle 5.5mb per line as it only has a backplane of 13mb. I have been looking at the cisco 1841 with 2 adsl2 cards which has a backplane of 38mb which would suit us fine (for now anyway) but i have heard that the 1841 is on its way out and been replaced with a 1921 (which only has a backplane of 15mb) and the 1941 (im not too sure about the backplane on this router).

I have been looking at the Dreytek routers too (i have heard good things about these) but again unsure of which model to go for. Dreytek do the 3300v+ but im unsure if this will meet my requirements. They also do the 2830 series which i looked at but i would need an adsl modem for this.

If anyone would like to recommend me a router which can support load balanced/bonded adsl lines and will see us through the future please be my guest and would you be able to let me know.