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Hardware Thread, So, what are you doing with laptops this year? in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by farquea View Post
    I am about to implement a plan which i hope will reduce the stupid amount of costs we incur from having to replace broken keyboards, which are £40 a piece and broken screens which we end up writing off the laptop due to the cost to repair.
    If you hunt around, screens aren't actually that expensive. I've been obtaining 15.6" widescreen LCD panels for as little as £56 recently. Keyboards are annoying because of the frequency of damage, although we have such a good stock of spares now we can repair most with no cost incurred.

    The problem with accidental damage cover is if you claim too many times, they will start to question the validity of the claims as essentially it's an insurance policy, so they can turn round and declare it void if they suspect some of the claims are not ligitimate i.e the damage was not accidental. This is unlikely to happen, but companies are being much more strict about this sort of thing than they ever have been.

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    Will be buying no more laptops as we have remote desktops which also does away with the need to carry USB pendrives and the like when the staff can log in remotely and use everything just as they do at work.

    Looking at a few handheld devices such as Ipads, Iphones etc and integrating within the network (Will be speaking to SLT and delivering presentation).

    As for SSDs we would like to try them just to see what the difference would be to our already excellent bootup and login times using standard sata drives.

    It could only improve them yeah! (anyone of the sponsors willing to lend us a few for trial? nudge! nudge!)

    Have a great weekend all and remember! "Let's do it to them before they do it to us"

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    I think if the kids found out laptops had SSDs in then as there are only 2 screws holding them in quite a few would go missing....

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    Simple answer is dont tell them. Or put on a security seal over the HDD Bay. Not a difficult thing to do We have security seals over a few of our staff ones - one or two in the past tried to swap RAM out then complain it was slow when it was missing a stick! (We log every change we do to the laptops/PCs)

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