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    A1 Printer, consumables, photo paper...recommendations?

    Our art department are getting more and more involved in photography rather than traditional art and have the possibility of a £4-5k grant.

    We're after some recommendations of printers that can do A1, A2, A3 and A4 printing in good quality on decent photo paper, if anyone can recommend some decent products along with the consumable costs and even photo paper costs or suppliers i'd be grateful

    I think the aim is to use it purely for the photography students end of year work with the possibility of putting some of it up on the walls around school. At the moment they print in A4 only from a colour laser jet on to normal crappy paper and i must admit, for year 12 and 13 end of year work it looks pretty pants considering out good some of it looks on the PCs.

    EDIT: Thinking of replacing the 19" 4:3 monitors they struggle along with at 1280x1024 with at the moment with some Dell U2311 IPS Screens, I've used one personally and think they're excellent (monitors are the only decent thing Dell sell after all) can anyone recommend any other IPS Panel monitors i could think of? I can't personally think of any other IPS screens for less than £200 though.
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