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Hardware Thread, New buldge class building requirements in Technical; Hi just learned we are going to have a bulge class built in summer where the ART portcabin is now ...
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    New buldge class building requirements

    Hi just learned we are going to have a bulge class built in summer where the ART portcabin is now with the possible of expanstion in the future..
    they asked me to give a detailed speck what to go in the new class room. in a put normal classroom we have IWB, class teachers computer and 4 childrens computers. all connected to domain.
    help me to identify what else do i need to mention please.
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    projector and speakers?

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    Get an architects drawing and give then the positions of the power and network points

    Make sure that there are at least 2x Power sockets for each PC and note where more sockets are needed (for the whiteboard etc).
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