Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if your could shed some light on the problem we've been having with this label printer. Its not the
newest thing, but it has completely failed since we pulled it out of hiding.

When we tried to install the drivers off the toshiba website we could only get generic drivers, that when install on an
xp machine, showed the printer as a GX-400. We decided to give it a go anyway and anytime something was sent to
print the job would just hang, taking around 15mins to clear itself when told to delete.

When we tried it on a Win7 machine in our office, once connected via USB it saw it as a flash disk, but once we installed
the drivers it was no coming up as the SA4TP. When we tried to print out a test label, the ribbon that actually applies the
ink to the label actually gets stuck to the label - and its not even getting hot. this also happens when we just try to feed
the labels out.

Has anyone had anything like this happen to them?

Any help would be great!