I have about 12 IBM ThinkPad R50e laptops (all of which were handed to students) that have the same problem. When you try and turn them on the fan appears to be active but there is nothing onscreen (just a black screen, as if it were still switched off). We have tried swapping various components (HD, memory, screens, battery you name it!) but with no success. I have one sole remaining IBM laptop that is working that I am using to test the others with (god knows what I will do if/when that goes!). Funny thing is that all the IBM laptops that were handed out to staff are still working, so I am obviously wondering whether the students are doing something to cause this problem, or whether it is a board/controller issue. I have tried plugging a monitor in for dual display but that does not work either.

If anyone can spread some light on the situation I would be most grateful.