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Hardware Thread, UPS Advice sought in Technical; We are devising our UPS strategy and our plan is to split our UPSes to those protecting servers and those ...
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    UPS Advice sought

    We are devising our UPS strategy and our plan is to split our UPSes to those protecting servers and those protecting our comms equipment.

    Those protecting the servers will be configuired to stay on for a while (say 50% remaining) and then start shutting down the servers if the power does not come back up by then.

    For the comms we plan for the UPSes to keep going for as long as they can and let themselves power off before the battery fully depletes.

    The idea for splitting them is for the telephones to keep working for as long as they can.

    Comms: Routers, Core Switches, the PBXes, ISDNs and any WAN/NTE devices.

    I don't really want to have the added complexity of having servers managing the UPSes for the comms (no serial cable to a server).

    But my concern is whether or not the UPSes will damaged by letting them run down, or whether they will automatically cut off before the battery runs flat, thus protecting the battery from damage.

    The UPSes protecting the comms equipment are all old APC SmartUPS 1400 (Model: SU1400 NET) with serial but no RJ45.

    Many Thanks,


    Leeds, UK.
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    Hi Bruce,

    Knowing UPS technology, as long as they are good enough quality the inverter will have protective circuitry that will turn it off after the input voltage drops below a certain level. So this is safe to do in my personal opinion.

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