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Hardware Thread, Disk Backup Device in Technical; Can you use Windows ACLs on it?...
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    Can you use Windows ACLs on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by morganw View Post
    Can you use Windows ACLs on it?
    Was that question at me? If so, the answer is that I don't know, as I've never tried - controlling access rights by AD groups has been sufficient for everything I've needed to do (restrict access to the backup share to just IT Support, and create a second share for photos which staff can modify but students only read).

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteHopton View Post
    Don't use Caviar Green Drives in Linux based devices! There is a conflict between the head parking 'green' feature 'intellipark' and the way in which linux runs RAID, it means your heads will park and unpark every 8 seconds and wear out very quickly.
    Just bringing this slightly older thread back to life again - I've been looking at RAID issues again to day as we had a disk failure (caused by a blunt, heavy object crashing in to our server rack cage rather than anything more subtle or technical). Researching a bit, I came accross this:

    Why RAID 6 stops working in 2019 | ZDNet

    ...which points out that those WD disks have an unrecoverable read error rate (URE) of 10^15, rather than the more normal value for "non-enterprise" drives of 10^14. "Enterprise" drives generally have URE rates of 10^16, but that still gives the WD drives an order of magnitude greater difference in URE rates. The auto-disk-parking issues actually looks easy to solve, i.e. just make sure you write something to the disk every 8 seconds, although I don't know how that affects the WD drives' "green" credentials - are those drives inherently more energy-efficient when running than other drives, or do all drives draw about the same amount of power when doing reads/writes and rely on things like auto-parking to make them "green"?

    David Hicks

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