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Hardware Thread, How do I boot from a Pen Drive? in Technical; Dear Friends, My Laptop's HDD got corrupted and even unable to format the disk. I've downloaded SeaTools for DOS and ...
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    Question How do I boot from a Pen Drive?

    Dear Friends,

    My Laptop's HDD got corrupted and even unable to format the disk. I've downloaded SeaTools for DOS and would like diagnose my disk via USB Pendrive.

    Kindly advice, how to make my pendrive bootable, so that I can run the Seatools. This tool got an .IMA file as well, might be that is the main program.

    Note: I tried to burn the seatool to a CD, but dont 'know, it is not getting booted. (boot sequence changed)
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    You need to change the boot sequence in BIOS so that your PC chooses the USB first. As the machine boots you will need to hit a function key to get into the BIOS settings to do this. Good luck!

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    ok you need to also make your PEN drive bootable as it wont just be bootable straight off the bat.

    If you go here : HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - v2.1.8 Download - EXTREME Overclocking

    You can use the Make startup disk option - I currently have BartPE running off of one of my USB drives.

    Theres also one called UNetBootin but I think that may only work with ISO files.

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    If it's a sata drive you could whip it out and plug it in as a slave on desktop system

    I have an IDE/SATA Dock ready for these types of jobs. Time is money so the quickest way to diagnose/recover data is plug the drive into a working system!

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