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Hardware Thread, Samsung NC10 Laptops (White Screening) in Technical; We have a lot of Samsung NC10 Laptops that have white screens, sometimes they flash off if you move the ...
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    Samsung NC10 Laptops (White Screening)

    We have a lot of Samsung NC10 Laptops that have white screens, sometimes they flash off if you move the screen, Is this a common problem with them and is there anyway I can fix these?


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    Yes it's a fairly well known problem, and is all to do with the cable linking the LCD screen to the motherboard, and the tight angle it has to take between the screen and the computer. Over time it simply breaks because of the opening and closing of the lid, and results in white screening or the backlight not coming on or a few other problems, but they're all caused by the same issue.

    Google NC-10 screen problem and you'll see loads of reports of it. If you can get hold of the cable that links the LCD to the mainboard, then you can repair them simply by replacing this, although I understand they're hard to get hold of.

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    Hi Steven,

    It sounds like the power to the backlight is getting through but the video feed is not. Most likley suspect IMO is either a loose or damaged video ribbon cable however (there's always a but isn't there?), there's mention on AV forums of the same model being cured with a firmware/bios update. Similar mentons on the sammynetbook forum too. If you are useful with a screwdriver, I'd have a look at the ribbon cable first or Speak to Samsung/Vendor if they are still under warranty. The www seems to have plenty of others with this issue on this notebook which will give you lots of ammunition if things get ugly

    Good luck

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    I have to hit the back of mine to get it to work, sort of lift it and tap the back onto the desk and it works again....very annoying :\

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    It is the cable - fixed mine by buying one off ebay - £10 plus £5 postage - took an age to come from hong kong though.
    Do a search on here - someone posted a guide to replacing them which was useful.

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