hopefully this is the right section of the forum!

i've been asked to change printer settings of our main colour copier so that all documents that are to be printed go to a designated mailbox first rather then printing immediately. i'm assuming its a way for the office staff to monitor how much staff and students are printing in order to cut costs.

anyway, i'm using rm cc4 and changing this setting is revelant to the owner's network account rather then an actual workstation. i.e. user mr teacher's account links to their mailbox whichever workstation they log onto.

so does anyone have any ideas that will help me with the following:

as it is a user setting account that these printer setting changes are attached too, everytime i reset a profile, i would have to do it again! (I reset profiles quite regularly)

is there a way to lock the printing perferences page after i've changed this setting? (currently anyone can change it back)

is there a quicker way of doing this rather then having to log everyone on one at a time and changing it?

if anyone else sees other flaws in this, do bring them up before its too late