I have been asked to spec a new Server to host our MIS Application (SIMS database).
Its been a while since I have had to do this so would appreciate some guidance.

I am looking at a Dell R710 with 2 x Intel Xeon 5649 6 Core 2.53Ghz Processors, 32GB RAM, with 2 SAS 146GB 15K disks for OS RAID 1 and 6 x SAS 600GB 10K disks for Data RAID 5
What I am hoping to do is to use this machine to virtualise my current DC/DNS servers and possibly WSUS and EPO Servers. The SIMS application wouldnt be virtualised but would be on the same server.

Is this overkill? Or am I asking too much of this spec to virtualise all of what I want and run SIMS?

Any advice would be appreciated.