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Hardware Thread, Wireless access point recommendation in Technical; Wonder if someone could recommend a suitable wireless access point to support 10 laptops in our library...? Shouldn't be rocket ...
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    Wireless access point recommendation

    Wonder if someone could recommend a suitable wireless access point to support 10 laptops in our library...? Shouldn't be rocket science, but we seem to have endless problems with the ones we're using at the moment. Thanks!

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    Its worth spending a good chunk of money. Do you have plans for managed wifi in the longer term / expanding it at all? Its worth talking to @MarkPower from Net-Ctrl about Ruckus, you can use the APs on there own but loose some of the managed benefits that way you would gain them ready for expansion to a fully managed system, which is what I have started on my site (used ruckus managed in 2 previous sites now).

    If they are very much not what you want, I've found Netgear high end APs and 3Com high end ones seem to support a few clients, but I'd very much look at a Ruckus one.

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    If you don't want to spend a fortune but want a good performer look at the ZyXEL NWA-3500 Dual-radio Hybrid Wireless AP
    We use these extensively for hospitality installations easy to install simple to manage and scalable.
    I regularly have 40 journalists per point, 3 points the usual CH1,6,11 on 2.4Ghz and 3 x 5Ghz Channels to keep the Mac and iPad users happy.

    You really don't need to spend £000s on your library wifi...

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