Just thought I'd give a heads up on these as I've discovered there's a couple of new inkjet printers/MFD's coming out or out in the next few days..

The K5400 seems to be the next gen from the 1100 and K550 range while the L7000 (L7580, L7680, L7780) multifunctional is a new line...

Main reason I leapt on these is that they use the HP 88 cartridge which I've had some good success fitting with CIS's and autoreset carts (albeit on the K550 so far).. going from 60ml to 500ml ink capacity is no small thing so it's worth taking a look.

Anyway, aside from anything else, if anyone gets a look at these new printers I'd be interested in an in depth review.. especially on whether they've finally sorted out the paper handling nightmare... I'm probably going to try and get one of each at some point for testing purposes so if noone beats me to it I'll report back myself but like I said, if I get beat to the draw, info would be good