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Hardware Thread, Stone All In One System 192's in Technical; Hi there, It is coming near the time where our Stone All In One PCs are coming to the end ...
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    Stone All In One System 192's

    Hi there,

    It is coming near the time where our Stone All In One PCs are coming to the end of their warranty. I have had one of them come in in the past week and the monitor wont switch on which I would put down to faulty buttons on the front. Thankfully it is under warranty so and engineer is coming in today, but at the end of this month we wont have this option.

    I know that they are Enlight LP772 cases, but does anywhere know where I may be able to get spares from such as the OSD Control PCBA. I have contacted Enlight and am waiting to hear from them ... but is there any other retailer?



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    The fault is most likley to be the AD board (you need to remove the mainboard to get to it). This is the part that will be the most difficult to get hold of (invertors and panels should be fairly easy to source, power supply is standard SFX). Have you asked stone if they will sell you spares? While they may be holding them for warranty repairs once all of thier LP-772 are out of warranty I would think they would be willing to sell them. I know Viglen sell the AD board for £25+ Vat.

    If it is the AD board model I am thinking of (if you get me the part number I can confirm) Enlight HQ have less than 100 left and will not be restocking once those have gone.

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