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    Equivilents to the RM one machines

    Morning Guys,

    Looking for a more cost effective solution to the RM one. Granted the spec needs to be meaty for running photoshop in our art department so spec'ing up an RM one its still coming in at over £1,000 per workstation (core i7 and 4gb RAM).

    These workstations would need to run Win XP SP3, require dual output (they may at sometime connect to an IWB) and build seemlessly onto a CC3/future CC4 network.

    There has to be a more cheaper option recommended out there!

    Look forward to your feedback and tips!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyturpie View Post
    Looking for a more cost effective solution to the RM one.
    Second-hand RM Ones with replacement innards. They take Mini-ITX motheboards, I think, and should have plenty of space for a (half-height, probably) graphics card or two. I bought some last summer off a chap on eBay who had a stock of around 500, around £100 each.

    require dual output (they may at sometime connect to an IWB)
    You could just get VGA splitter cables.

    The Viglen stand at BETT had some decent-looking all-in-one machines that actually turned out to be modular stands - you can buy just the stand off them and fit whatever screen and small form-factor PC you want.

    Depending on just how all-in-one you want your machines you could, of course, buy a PC small enough to be mounted to the back of a monitor. The small Acer Aspires might not quite meet your specs, but again at BETT Very PC had small, energy-efficient, VESA-mountable machines containing Core i5 processors (not sure if they did Core i7s, something to check on their website), and I think Tranquil's PCs can be VESA-mounted too.

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    Viglen Omnino might well be worth a look.

    Stone also have an all in one, however it looks like someone's GCSE project.

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    What about these? We've been looking at RM Ones as well, so would be interesting to know how they compare price-wise.

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