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Wow! I cant get over how many people here have work laptops. I make do with any that I commandeer from around the place but they are usually taken back in short order.

Have got a decent spec desktop (unbranded) but it tends to slow with my daily applications, thats and it hates any kind of scanning equipment

I did have an old lappy from years ago for switches as it was the only one with a serial port. Unfortunatly somewhere along the line of the build project (or this phase of it) it got damaged and so is now spare parts. Ah well, I can dream of a laptop someday
Tell your SMT/Head/Line Manager that they are essential to your job.
Because they are as far as im concerned.

I have my own personal job for admin tasks, a D510 that was given back to me when someone left that iupgraded and turned into a diagnostic/ghostcast server.
I use it for switch config, network testing, a ghostcast server, ect;
I also have a 12" Dell that i found in a cupboard that ive brought back to life.