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Hardware Thread, Setting up a secure wifi in Technical; Hello and good morning, I am trying to set wireless access in a sixth form common room, however i need ...
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    Setting up a secure wifi

    Hello and good morning, I am trying to set wireless access in a sixth form common room, however i need to be able to filter the users access and to make sure that they cannot browse across the network.

    On our workstations we have a lockdown policy which is done by a login script and defined policies. I have heard there is a way using active directory to restrict what the users can and cannot do, please can someone give me a walkthrough on how to do this if possible and it is a feasable option or we use smoothwall here if I can use that will be useful.

    We are using windows 2008 server, our workstations use xp but the students may have ipads imacs iphones, windows vista and windows 7 laptops so I really need a global solution but I need to use the resources I already have because the budget is tighter than a marmite jar, any help would be fantastic thank you.
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    What wireless access points are you using, if your AP supports multi SSID and ACL's i would setup one staff SSID and use Window IAS to secure connections by domain group i.e. "Staff Users" then use another SSID on a locked down vlan (Guest system) and only allow web access through your filters/firewall using ACL's.

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    Yes, we have our wireless on it's own VLAN which effectively blocks it from our main network. We use a smoothwall UTM, which allows us to assign one of the ports for our wireless to provide internet access.

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