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Hardware Thread, ASUS 1001 Problems in Technical; JFI I've bought quite a few of these for my schools (10in netbooks XP Home) but there are a few ...
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    ASUS 1001 Problems

    JFI I've bought quite a few of these for my schools (10in netbooks XP Home) but there are a few problems with them.

    1. The power lead
    The plug is very very small and despite just having a couple of year 6 trustees putting them away, one at one school has got broken. I'm going to see if I can attach a replacement plug and I'l let you know if I manage it- otherwise its a new PSU

    2. The headphone/mic socket is wierd - there is only 1 physical socket and when you plug something in - you have to pick whether its a mic or a headphone! Makes life interesting in a whole class audacity session! Something else to check next time I purchase (One day they'll come with no screen but I won't be able to complain as it wasn't in the spec )

    3. Also, they don't seem to play well (drop out just like a Ruckus ) with DD_WRT G54 Buffalo APs but are fine with old non-DD_WRT Buffalos but hopefully its just my config of DD-WRT that needs tweaking.


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    We've had a few 1001's where the screen goes bad (more than half the screen either black or covered in digital noise), and several damaged power adapters although this is malicious user damage not accidental. The custom graphics driver doesn't like it when you put XP into 'Classic' theme, it keeps forcing it back to 'XP' theme, I had to give up in the end and leave it as such. But other than that, not bad little devices. The bad screens were repaired under warranty without too much fuss.

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