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Hardware Thread, RM Slate - are they any good? in Technical; We are looking at getting one of these to show how technology has evolved over the years but have just ...
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    RM Slate - are they any good?

    We are looking at getting one of these to show how technology has evolved over the years but have just been reading on here that they come with Windows 7 Home Premium. I have a schools agreement in place which includes the OS so can upgrade it to windows 7 pro.

    I am wanting to add it to the domain and use it on the wireless network along with SIMS and office.

    Will the slate boot off an external CD drive to install windows 7 pro?

    Are the drivers hard to source?

    Are there any other products out there which are just as good?


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    The slate hardware is very good, and yes, it will boot from CD\DVD (otherwise the recivery disk would be a bit pointless!). The only problem that I and everyone else who played with the slate on our stand at BETT had was that Windows 7 is not very good as a finger accessed OS. In fact it is pretty shocking. It's not that it is slow, fat from it, the hardware on the slate makes W7 fairly zip along, it's just the on-screen keyborad was designed to be used with a mouse, theire is no haptic feedback. The KB does not immediately appear/dissapear when clicking on text boxes. It just needs an improved interface. I'm just waitign to seei fsomeone does a finger freindly version of Ubuntu Netbook Edition. That would work very well on there IMHO.

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    To the point... buy an iPad. We've demo'd both the Slate and the iPad, there is simply no competition. Windows 7 just doesn't work well on this kind of device.

    The iPad profiler was an excellent tool, allowing you to build a student profile for your iPad and essentially 'image' it whenever you want and works on Windows PC's. With good educational apps, excellent and responsive interface, it's the kind of device which students would want to use. Check out a company called Stormfront who can arrange a demo iPad for your school. Personally, I've always been a Windows chap and I approached the iPad as a complete cynic so it really is worth trying if you're looking at these kind of devices.

    To be a little more positive, the Slate does make a good tea tray.

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    We've got one in on Demo at the moment to use with a Year 1 youngster with major motor skill problems. He struggles with grip and can't put enough pressure when trying to write with a pencil. The only technology successfully operated was Mum's iPhone.

    I have to say that I have been impressed with it for this use. We have set it up with Clicker 5 and Textease and the child, class teacher and TA's have taken to it like a duck to water... perhaps because it's Windows familiarity.

    We did change the screen resolution to make things bigger (and re-calibrate) and adjust the icon size. The screen sensitivity has been fine. The child uses it on a writing slope.

    I haven't tried sticking it on the network (we have no wireless in school), but have played with it tested it out at home on the web and got on with it well... although I did resort to a USB mouse to do some of the setup.

    There are some niggles with Windows on a touch screen, but it really hasn't been anything significant. It is heavy. I wouldn't trust younger children to carry them without dropping.

    Would I have them in classrooms? The answer to that is probably 'No'. I think a set of good rugged netbooks would be more practical in our school. Real keyboards are easier for typing. I've got my eye on the new HP netbooks with handles for us!

    However, I think there will be a Slate on order soon for our SEN child

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