Hi Guys,
I'm looking for suggestions for things I may have missed here:
One of the schools I look after recently purchased 105 HP Mini 210-1001SA laptops (1 per child in Y3/4/5).

I've created a W7Pro WDS image, and applied it to each one of the laptops, and they've all worked fine apart from 6 or 7 which have been causing me major headaches with their wireless connectivity - they'll either connect for half an hour or so then drop the connection,or they'll report that no wireless connections are available.

Other laptops in the same location report the school WLAN and a couple in houses nearby, even when those 6 or 7 stop.

So far, I've done:

Swap Cards between duffers and Known Good Laptops - still N/G
Reinstalled Drivers - still n/g
Reinstalled Windows - still n/g
Disabled all Power Management - still n/g
Upgraded BIOS on laptops - still n/g
Upgraded firmware on WAP - still n/g
Tried different WAP - still n/g

Networking works fine if I plug in a cable, and the affected laptops can use a USB wifi dongle OK.

I'm thinking if I put *nix on a pendrive and see if they work that way it might prove it's the cards.

Any suggestions gratefully received, particularly as to where I can buy the cards from as HP's response is "Oh, you've put your own OS on? Well, your warranty is void then..." and to put the phone down on you! Guess I won't be buying any more kit from them, so suggestions as to nice netbooks, desktops and servers as well please!