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Hardware Thread, Smartboard 500 series Problems in Technical; This board gave me some problems some time ago but after investigation - trying the laptop on another board, trying ...
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    Smartboard 500 series Problems

    This board gave me some problems some time ago but after investigation - trying the laptop on another board, trying another laptop on this board, swapping cables etc I replaced the cable and all has been well for the past 6 months
    BUT the teacher now has a new laptop, a Toshiba Satellite Pro and I am again getting the same issue - the power light only turns green now and again and mostly stays red.
    It seems unlikely to be the cable again - could it be a power issue? Or if the board is faulty - how can I test it?
    I have tried another cable and another laptop and somtimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - there doesnt seem a definitive answer as to what works and what doesn't.
    Any help gratefully received

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    Hi witch,

    If you've got an intermittent fault there could be a number of causes:
    - The cable could be faulty - do you have another 500-series board you can swap the cable with?
    - The connector on the bottom of the SMART board could be damaged. Can you move the cable around where it connects to the bottom corner of the board? It shouldn't move, and if it does then a replacement controller may be needed to fix the problem.
    - The laptop might not be supplying enough power to run the board. Try disconnecting all other usb devices from it or adding a powered usb hub between the laptop and the board.

    It might be worth phoning Steljes (the UK distributor of SMART boards) technical support on 08450 724999. Even if the board is out of warranty they may still be able to give you advice that will help you fix the problem.

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