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    Cisco Smartnet contract - WLAN Controller - best place to purchase?

    Hello all,
    I currently have a Cisco AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 wireless lan controller which i need to get a smartnet support contract sorted on it as it is my single point of failure.

    Would anyone here know the best place/contact to contact to get a quote?
    I understand the service part number from Cisco is: CON-SNT-WC440250

    Any help much appreciated as i have been back to the place where i bought the kit from and they quoted me £950 which i thought seemed expensive but not knowing where else to get a quote i have no comparisons.


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    we get our smartnet stuff from Home | Oxspring Network Solutions Limited

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    Hi Paid Peanuts,

    any reseller that is a cisco partner can do this for you. also, if you are looking to save more money on this i would consider using a 3rd party cover for it. Cisco now approve of this also. the main company i know that do this is a company called Modis. not sure if they deal direct to the end user as they are a supplier of ours but may be worth a call and check with them to save some pennies. the other reason i mention them is Cisco sub contract out a significant amount of work to them for call outs etc.

    hope you find something

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