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Hardware Thread, Quick Printer Leasing Question in Technical; So currently we have a Ricoh 5000 on lease (with 2 years and a bit left to go), and 4 ...
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    Quick Printer Leasing Question

    So currently we have a Ricoh 5000 on lease (with 2 years and a bit left to go), and 4 school owned Konica Minolta 5430dls (which are costing us a fortune in ink!)

    I've finally got my head to look at going with a leasing option for all of it, which should save us money in the long run. I've been dealing with a company called Direct-Tec who have proposed to change our Konica's to 4 UTAX CLP 3635 which spec wise seem fairly close to the KM's, but with a much better per page cost, and the Ricoh 5000, which will be replaced by a UTAX CDC 1850.

    The company will be including the cost of the papercut software + the remaining lease cost, and the only price we need to pay is per page we use (and even this works out seemingly better than what we're paying at the moment). It all seems pretty good to me, and the head, so we're ready to sign.

    Just wondering if there are any big catches we should look out for?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Look out for any minimums (and maximums!) as they could cripple you. Also double check to make sure that there aren't any costs for the devices. If your a state school then Ricoh, Konica etc all have some very very very good pricing under the Catalyst/Buying Solutions (Buying Solutions - The National Procurement Partner for UK Public Services) framework which I've yet to have beaten by a commercial supplier.

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