this is driving me up the wall.

we still use the RM F Series computers and I am problems with the 2000-256 model with the realtek ac 97 sound card.

the front microphone on about 20 of these computers refuses to record any audio from our microphones.

the front headphone socket works so i'm sure the front audio card cant be the problem.

the rear microphone socket works fine after fiddling with the volume control

i have tried the following:

different OS, Ubuntu; still cant get front mic to record audio
used both audacity and windows sound recorder to try to record sound and nothing
wiping windows and problem still exists
updating sound driver

all the affected computers are the same computer specification

2ghz celeron processor
256 ram
AOpen MX46-533V Motheboard
Realtek Ac97 Motherboard

was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same problem?