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    acer 5720e help advice please

    hi guys im new to this site,hope ive opened a new post here ? and am not posting out of place.
    having read a few related posts here ,i have tried out a few of the answers provided on this subject here and still no go .
    have got an acer 5720e belonging to a friend whos ,"new" laptop she had used less than a week had a light wine spill 1/2 glass on the keyboard area ,
    it was quickly dried out .
    it was immediately ,switched off and unplugged etc,
    it had a couple of days on the boiler open and drying out .
    i had the back off etc and took out the ram and what i could .
    it reboots as a brick ...black screen,

    there is ,some fan movement .one hard drive light flash and it remains powered on till you kill it by holding down the start key .
    ive swapped cd rom drive ,{green light stays on all the time },
    removing cd rom drives ,
    whilst attempting to boot from usb and even ,removed the hdd hoping to use usb .

    still no bios screen

    ive tried bios flash options via usb and cd rom
    i tried using fn+esc method : plug power in and hold down fn esc keys method on formatted fat usb drive .
    also tried bootable cd rom copying the fd file supplied by acer bios update 45 as described on this subject by others ,nothing .

    i can only assume it must be bios chip or worse .

    should i try and get a new bios chip off ebay ive seen them for sale?,about £15
    or am i wasting money and effort ,if you think of anything else i should look at please let me know .

    is ther generally another weak component with water in the curcuit to cause this ,
    i tested the ext vga socket shows nothing also
    i can solder etc and probably do the fix myself .having seen the size of the bios chip on ebay.
    ive checked hdd on my other pc alls good . ram also ,and no probs.

    any advice help would be great.
    she cant afford another laptop .

    thanks in advance for any thoughts on the problem .

    if it needs a new mobo ,is it worth fixing . cheers ! .
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    I've seen a couple of wine and juice spills on laptops. It's never ended well for any of them. The liquid should be thoroughly cleaned from the inside of the laptop imediately and not left to dry out naturally. The sugar attacks the electronics. I would suggest stripping the laptop down, you'll probably find a spot on the motherboard where the wine has slipped through the case and corroded it. If you can find a cheap motherbaord on a site like ebay it might be worth it. Otherwise you're probably better of selling the bits and buying a new laptop.

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    Have you tried burying the laptop in rice for a week and then seeing if it works?

    It might be moisture in the circuits. If this is the case, as long as the circuits are not fried the rice trick will remove all moisture from the laptop & components.

    I've used this to save 1 laptop and several phones before!

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    Once the battery is completely drained, recharge it for at least 12 hours without using it. The reason for this is because the battery will hold a charge significantly better than if you do not do this. take care.

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