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Hardware Thread, Samsung 670 is starting to get on my nerves in Technical; Hiya, We have just got 6 new Samsung CLP 620 printers and a CLP 670 printer for our office, we've ...
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    Samsung 670 is starting to get on my nerves


    We have just got 6 new Samsung CLP 620 printers and a CLP 670 printer for our office, we've alot of glitches, firstly all printers would not print in colour using the print pictures wizard, even after changing drivers, and print processors, but we can live with that.

    What we cant live with is the CLP 670 printer constantly crashes when you try and print, and it doesn't seem to mind which program obviously word is used alot and this is one of the main culprits, but crashes also occur is SAGE, CASPA and by crashing I mean you go to the print opetion select print, it says word is background printing at the bottom then word locks up and goes to "Not responding" and it does this time after time.

    I have tried to ring samsung and they are useless, apart from being re-directed to a far off land and end up talking to someone who doesn't speak a word of english and has about as much technical knowledge as my dog, they arnt much use. We have a Windows Server 2008 r2 network with windows 7 clients and i`m stumped, there are no errors in the event log apart from every now and then it will say failed print and give the details (not all prints get an error tho)

    anyone come accross this before?

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    We have CLP-620 and ML-4550 here. No problems with the students and staff printing with their XP machines, but my Windows 7 64bit PC has problems printing to the ML-4550. I get an "invalid handle" message sometimes when i try to print, but other days it prints fine. We also have a Windows 7 64bit laptop in the college and that had problems printing yesterday.

    I haven't found a solution, but then i rarely do any printing, and i use the colour if the B+W doesn't work when i need it to.

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