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Hardware Thread, Got a Slingbox? in Technical; Has anyone got a Slingbox ? For those not familiar with them, they offer place shifting - the ability to ...
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    Got a Slingbox?

    Has anyone got a Slingbox?

    For those not familiar with them, they offer place shifting - the ability to watch a tv /sky / dvd / video signal (transmitted by you) on any internet connected computer.

    Just wondered if anyone has anything good / bad to say about them.

    Considering one for home and possibly some for work.

    Price: £149 inc vat (dixons offering £10 off - £139 - code NOW35)

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    Re: Got a Slingbox?

    I've got a friend who's a slingbox rep. he's got one set up for his sky.
    He normally uses it at home so just on his network and its a good picture on a projector.

    He's brought his lappie round and used my net connection to connect to his sling box. Its pretty watchable but can struggle on music videos. Obviously making it full screen can show some 'pixelation'. Its not bad overall but debateable whether its worth £139/£149.

    Another thing if your AV source isn't next to your router you'll have to either get a nice long cable or a wireless adapter for it.

    If you have a phone on 3 (certain models) have sling box software with them to allow you to connect. I've seen this in action as well its not that good but for short periods ok.

    These units were exclusive to the DSGi group however that agreement has ended so might be some bargins out on the net!

    Set up is fairly easy, i set his up. I did static IP for slingbox and set up port forwarding on his router.

    Hope this helps.


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