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Hardware Thread, Tesco E337 Internet Phones in Technical; We've just had a box of these E337 Tesco Internet Phones 'donated' to us by the ICT department. They got ...
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    Tesco E337 Internet Phones

    We've just had a box of these E337 Tesco Internet Phones 'donated' to us by the ICT department. They got them as part of the Schools Connect program back in 2006.

    We've just found out that Tesco pulled the plug on Internet Telephony back in April and that an outfit called VoiceHost took over the reins. It looks like we've ended up with useless phones as the closing date for applying for Tesco numbers with them was back in the summer.

    When we hitch them up to Skype and use them we get a lovely little recorded message from VoiceHost.

    We only want to use them internally. Does anyone know how to hack them? We've drawn a blank with the mighty Google.

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    Read somewhere that they were made by yealink, (yealink.com) they have some software called skypemate?

    Looks like they are re-badged USB-P1K phones, drivers and software on yealink site

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    I use one of these with X-Lite Software (for use with SipGate). Works fine.

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