I recently purchased an HP G6000 off ebay and of course it's broken! after much investigation it would appear that the internal USB chip has died leaving 1 usb port the camera and the biggest bummer of all the HD Audio chip Conextant CX20561-12z unable to fuction. any device plugged in fails as an unknown device.

The good news is I still have 1 working port though, I've stripped the laptop down to its mainboard and theres a space inside for a usb hub that Im in the process of soldering in! I aim to reconnect all the devices to this hub and resume the laptops former glory!

The trouble I'm having is getting the pinouts for the CX chips usb pins, so I can unsolder them and attach them to my hub. I have a plan B to buy a usb speaker from ebay strip it and install in the duff dvd drive bay! but I'd like to try plan A.

Anyhow google and bing searches yeild no results does anyone know a good forum for these things?