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Hardware Thread, Kyocera 5030DN error message: Call service 7002:0061678 in Technical; Got one coming up Call service 7002:0061678 cant find any info on this error message. Anybody know what it means ...
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    Kyocera 5030DN error message: Call service 7002:0061678

    Got one coming up

    Call service 7002:0061678

    cant find any info on this error message.

    Anybody know what it means and how to fix it?

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    It means call the support department and quote that code at them, and they will tell you exactly what's wrong.

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    With Kyocera's, the first part of the error code is actually the error - i.e. in your case '7002' is the service and error code. The figure after the semicolon is simply the page count.

    I had an odd issue a few weeks back with an FS-3830N bringing up a service code. Tried swapping out mainboards on it to no avail and even swapping the same model printer in it's place caused the same issue. Turned out it was a few stuck jobs in the print queue causing the issue. Never even thought to check that - may well be worth it, before chasing your tail.

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    its the developer unit under the toner, you can remove it by unplugging the little wire and sliding the retaining clip on oposite side. lift the unit out and clear any stck toner from under roller by tapping the unit on the end on a desk ( makes a bit of a mess) then make sure the gear wheels turn . put back together This worked on 2 printers on last one had to replace unit. If you have another one swap unit to prove point. the code tells you which one it is 7002 is second one from front ( cant remember which colour that is off hand) hope that helps

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