If anyone has read my earlier posts, we are currently rolling out Windows 7 using WDS and MDT2010.

We have not much issues deploying the image via WDS apart from 1 series of laptops where it isn't deploying via WDS.

After discussions with Microsoft and a BIOS upgrade it doesnt seem to work so I was thinking maybe the problem is to do with the INTEL UNDI PXE-2.1 version that is installed on that laptop.

Is there a way to upgrade this element of the network card or is this built into the ROM.

We have another series of laptops where the laptops have the same INTEL PXE version and that works fine via WDS so am confused.

I attach a picture of the version currently running on this particular laptop. From googling it seems there are newer version of this but I cant find a link on where I can download it from.