Well the title says it all really. One website I saw people mentioned they can enable ddl output with their card, yet on the official website for their "Dolby Digital Live Pack - SB Audigy Series" the card isn't under their list.

The card itself does not have a digital port on it, however my motherboard does, so would it be possible to still output ddl?

I'm looking to buy an Astro a30 headset which requires a sound card capable of ddl output to plug into their mixamp to get 5.1 through the headphones. I haven't been able to find any definitive answers online so I figured I would ask here and maybe some of you would know. I don't want to drop a lot of money on a headset only to find out that my sound card does not do what is needed for it to work properly.

Also if it is, is anything actually needed to output it or can I just plug and play?