We had delivery of 35 Optiplex 780s a month ago to replace older Optiplex Units (620s) that were connected to Promethean Whiteboards.

We have continual problems in setting up dual "cloned" screens - monitor and projector both have VGA connectiions and we have purchased a Digital Port VGA convertor to utilize both connections on the PC.

The projector is never recognized when plugged into the DP convertor. When you swap these the default is always the VGA Monitor connection so the boot screen never shows on the monitor just projector (which is usually off at this point). The login screen eventually comes up after about 30 seconds of a black screen.

In addition we have had isolated cases of when the dual screen is in place we cannot take it off anything than a 640 x resolution. We have also had problems playing DVDs.

We have updated drivers and spent hours trying every possible combination.

Any Suggestions?