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Hardware Thread, Experiences of Konica Minolta devices please in Technical; Contyemplating the purchase of a couple of Konica Minolta devices and wondered if anyone had any experiences to share? I'm ...
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    Experiences of Konica Minolta devices please

    Contyemplating the purchase of a couple of Konica Minolta devices and wondered if anyone had any experiences to share?

    I'm particularly interested in hearing about the bizhub C220 and bizhub C35.

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    I'm sure their bigger units are much better but be very sure to check the consumable cost and usage. The magicolor 5xx0 DL (can't remember exact model) we have burned through about two times its value in tonner each year costing much more than the old hp. Oh and I say 'burned' in the past tence as we can no longer get toner for it even though it is a quater of the age of some of our hps that are still in use.

    It also had the habit of needing to be blasted out with an air compresser every three months as it leaked that much tonner into itself from genuine cartrages that the print quality went through the floor. Purcasing it originally was not my call.
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    Nothing but bad experiences with the magicolor range of yesteryears, enough to make not consider them for any purchases.

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    Magicolor range is poor, bizhubC35 is a pain when it decides it doesnt want to work (otherwise it is a good piece of kit!). It has decided not to work on us about 3 times in the last year, each requiring an engineer visit.

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    We have 3 Bizhubs, two mono and one colour unit. (Bizhub 420, a Bizhub ???? (can't remember, but it's higher capacity than the 420 with add-on bulk feeder that holds a couple of boxes of A4) and a Bizhub 450c). We lease ours based on predicted cost-per-page.

    The Bizhub 450c is cheaper to run (cost-per-page) than the colour laser it replaced, it's also handy for scanning to network and kids being able to print to their own "box" (AD integration) and then release the print when they have time to collect it rather than sending to print and then leaving it on the copier.

    The Bizhub 420 behaves ok, though the default pdf scan settings produce .pdfs that cause exchange 2007 to choke with "corrupt content conversion" errors. Fixable, but annoying.

    The Bizhub that I can't remember the model number of is a picky, picky pain in the arse (happily for someone else - I don't herd the mono copiers) with regard to paper temperature and moisture content and phase of the moon. It jams frequently. easily and we get through a lot (say 1.5 every 2 weeks) of callouts for that machine.

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