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Hardware Thread, Back Up Solution- DDT in Technical; Hi All, Hoping to get a few opinions on this. I'm looking to replace our network backup solution this summer. ...
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    Back Up Solution- DDT

    Hi All,

    Hoping to get a few opinions on this.

    I'm looking to replace our network backup solution this summer. We are a CC3 school currently backing up about 400GB a day on LTO 3 tapes using an external drive.

    As you can know we are pretty much at the capacity of these tapes and also have the issue of the backup taking well into the afternoon to complete.

    I am keen to look at a disk to disk to tape solution using a SAN and possibly LTO 4 tapes.

    RM have come back to me with a solution that fits the bill but is over 10K and I dont have the budget for this. I only have about 4K to spend- not even sure if it can be done on this amount!!

    Anyway I'm interested to hear from anyone who was in a simulair situtaion and what they did to sort the problem.

    If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!

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    The method that is used here to to copy to USB drive from a backup sever.

    Files are copied from the main servers to the backup dump over night,
    Then during the day the backup sever dumps to the usb drive.

    1Gb on only changes take about 1 hour

    Great thing is in the event of a disaster you do not need to source a new lto drive as usb will connect direct to any computer.

    We have a 11 cycle rotation, with one remove per cycle for archive.

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    It can be done, i'd use something like DPM to reduce software costs, Build a cheap san using SATA and stick an lto 4 tape drive in it. Or buy another lto3 and use 2 tapes per night, as its doing continuous backup you can get it to dump one tape overnight and one during the day without affecting performance.

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