For those who have not heard of the Pixel Qi screen it is a new type of extremely low power use LCD screen that can be used without a backlight in direct sunlight or in an ultra low power and refresh rate ebook reader mode. It also supports standard use with a backlight just in case you need it.

YouTube - Pixel Qi screen demo Live from Taipei

This means that it makes your netbook usable and easy to read from in full sunlight and saves you battery power making for longer runtimes.

An aftermarket screen has been released here Pixel Qi display that will let you replace the existing screen in your compatible netbook with one of these.

Currently it supports the Samsung N130 & Lenovo S10-2 plus any other that use the same type of LCD.

It may not be worth it unless you need these features but if you are needing to replace one anyway it could be worth looking at one of these as an alternative.