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Hardware Thread, Dell 760 SFF problem in Technical; Hi - not sure whether to put this here or in "Red Door" We have a large batch of these ...
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    Dell 760 SFF problem

    Hi - not sure whether to put this here or in "Red Door"

    We have a large batch of these - without DVD/floppy drives - the students here have taken to punching in the blanking plates and snapping the dividing bar - putting their hands inside and nicking the RAM.

    While, personally, I think this is a classroom management issue, there is little chance of action on that front - has anyone any suggestions on how we can make them more secure without a lot of expenditure?

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    Mousetrap inside in front of the RAM. Or possibly some strategically placed non-drying paint like they use on the top of fences.

    And yes, it is a classroom management issue.

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